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Diesel Only The Brave Wild

₹7,087.00 (as of October 22, 2017, 4:08 am)

Are you a man with strong audacity to create own values and paths? Do you undoubtedly believe in your own intuition, sense and gut feeling? Diesel Only the Brave Wild is for men who has a wild and untamed nature and who believes in himself.

This perfume will perfectly blend along with your nature and would boost your inner conscience and beliefs. The dark green bottle is so well designed that it re-assures your tough nature.

The top note features vital oils of Grapefruit, black pepper and lemongrass, while the heart note includes fragrance of lavender, nutmeg, and courmain. The final notes settles with cedar wood, vetiver and moss mixed with a rich character of coconut water.

The major accord includes fresh spicy, coconut, citrus, aromatic and woody.

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