Types of Indian Jewellery

The importance of jewellery goes long back in Indian history. There has always been a special significance of jewellery in the lives of Indian women since ages. Its significance can be measured just by the thought that if anyone thinks of jewellery, he/she thinks of a woman.

Indian woman decorating herself with jewellery is not just a custom or tradition, it carries its own values and importance such that even a poor woman whose family can hardly afford a living, manages to keep some jewellery with her. It does not only act as a symbol of prestige or status but also as security and respect. Indian women have always adorned themselves with jewellery and often used it to secure themselves and their family at the time of crisis.

Seeing such important worth and significance of jewellery in Indian history, it is clear that India houses various kinds of jewellery arts, differing from Meenakari and Kundan to stone and beads work.

The artists or rather the jewellery art has grown over time from precious heavy gold to modern light weight jewellery items. With time people, especially women have shifted their interest from gold & silver to precious stones like diamond. Although the type of jewellery has changes, it still holds the same importance in the lives of women even in today’s era. Many of us are unaware regarding the magnitude and numerous types of jewelries that India houses.

Let us try to talk about some of the different types of Indian Jewellery

Antique Jewellery:

As the name itself suggests, this type of jewellery is not produced for masses and has a very limited scope. Such type of jewellery depicts the entire era of history and thus it has dull and rough look, combined with an old world-world charm.

Bridal Jewellery:

Every Indian woman is familiar with this type. The value of jewellery enhances multiple times during such an auspicious occasion. Made of high end metal with superior quality, it accentuates the beauty of a bride.

Gold Jewellery:

The kind of jewellery that can be found in each and every household be it rich or poor. Gold has huge significance in Indian history not only in terms of jewellery but also as a security, as a medium to transfer goods. This is the prestige and security of every Indian woman.

Silver and Stone Jewellery:

As the trends change with change in time, so does the jewellery art. Earlier, people used to think jewellery is all about gold but now that has been replaced with silver and other precious stones. Now women wear their jewellery as per their attire and so such a shift has been witnessed.

Fashion Jewellery:

Although gold and other precious stones & gems have been past for today’s generation but there is no past for jewellery. There is just a transformation from heavy, expensive metals to cheap, light weight metals. And this new form of jewellery is known as Fashion Jewellery.

It can be clearly seen that no matter how much the trends change there will always be certain aspect of jewellery art that will exist and embrace the Indian women in a manner that no other thing can do and hence, Jewellery and Women go hand in hand. The tough task these days is to find a perfect set of jewellery to match with your outfit. With the increase of digital media it has become quite easy and economical to afford a perfect pair of jewellery. Being a jewellery lover and fashion trend follower I try to find the best place and platform to get my perfect match.

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